dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

SQL Traces mixing SQLServer2005 - 2008

Today was expiriencing some problem opening a Trace File:

Unable to locate trace definition file Microsoft SQL Server TraceDefinition 10.0.0.xml for open trace file... It took me more than 10 min to figure out that the server I was profiling (Using SQLServer 2005 profiler) was a SQLServer 2008. :-p

So you can trace a SQLServer 2008 using a SQLServer 2005 Profiler, but you cannot re-open the same traces using a SQLServer 2005 profiler, you have to use a SQLServer 2008 Profiler instead!

Or if you don't have the 2008 tools installed yet on your locale machine, you can use:

select *
from fn_trace_gettable('\\share\...\TestTrc.trc',default)

It works fine on both SQLServer 2005 and SQLServer2008 SSMS to connect to a SQLServer2005 or SQLServer2008 trace.

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